Music Memory

Learn chords or play for fun

About the game

How to play

This Memory game (also known as 'Concentration') combines visuals and sound. The goal is to find all matching piano and/or guitar chords.

Four different types of cards are available, and you can choose in the settings which cards you'd like to match against each other. The four card types are:

  • Chord name
  • Guitar fretboard
  • Music sheet with root note
  • Piano keys

Flipped cards can be clicked/tapped again to play the chord several times. After all cards are found, you can sort the cards and keep playing with the chords you discovered, or start a new round.

The game can be played to learn guitar and piano chords, to train the musical ear (by turning off the colour guide), or just for fun.


This game was originally my entry for the 2020 js13kgames competition. The rules are to write a stand-alone browser game (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) with maximum 13 kilobytes, no external resources. Theme in 2020 was "404 not found".

The game scored 3rd place in category audio, 37th place in category mobile (81 entries total), and 84th place in category desktop (212 entries total). Having participated in such a competition for the first time, this was quite an amazing outcome and experience.

Link to the original game and source code:


I have since re-written the game in ReactJS. The UI is mostly the same, but the sound quality and cross-browser compatibility is considerably improved by using WebAudioFont in this version.