An Android app - combining a musical ear trainer and a chord dictionary

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This app combines a musical ear trainer and a chords dictionary.

The ear trainer can be used to either train your relative pitch (identify intervals between two notes), and your ability to recognise a chord by ear. You hear an interval or a chord, and have to find the correct answer from a list of options. You can customise this list, and create and save your own exercises.

The chord dictionary is for a quick lookup of a chord. Just select root note and chord from a drop down, and the app shows you a list of notes, chord intervals, midi keys, and a visual representation of the chord on a piano keyboard.


After building my guess-the-chord game with React.js for web, I wanted to build something similar as a native Android app. I've used it quite a lot, and my ability to recognise chords has significantly improved. Just play a few rounds whenever you have some spare minutes.


The app was built with Android Studio using Jetpack Compose (written in Kotlin).


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